Cost Reduction & Tendering

Keeping IT costs down whilst managing the day to day workload can be challenging.  Maintaining

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Discovery & Audit

Unearthing your hidden savings...

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Organisational Change & Strategy

In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are

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RFP & Tendering Support

Tendering drives competition, but can be time-consuming process. Our IT Procurement experts take on as much workload as you wish, to make it an easy process.

This means you get the best value for money (typical savings are 20% or more) and the best services, all in a watertight contract.


You and your team may be overstretched and too busy to stay on top of all your renewals, or need extra resource for a major tendering exercise.  .


Our team focuses on keeping your involvement to the key decision points, undertaking as much or as little of the workload as you need.  We accelerate the process, to give you the latest market options to make an informed decision. And you get the best commercial contract with the winning supplier - flexible, future-proofed and cost-effective, in the timescales that you need.

We Will

  • Produce all tender documentation
  • Deal with all the suppliers on your behalf
  • Evaluate and score bidder responses
  • Negotiate the best possible commercial terms for you
  • Ensure that your end contract is appropriate for both your current and future needs

Client Quote

"We were able to negotiate pretty good prices and terms ourselves, however we’ve been able to secure better prices and terms having deployed Turnstone. As a result we can control our suppliers better.”

Steven Robson
CFO, Silja Line

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