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Keeping IT costs down whilst managing the day to day workload can be challenging.  Maintaining

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In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are

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Procurement Courses

Former attendees Land Securities had this to say:-
"I am confident my team is now more commercially skilled. The course was lively with a good blend of theory and practical examples.

 I fully expect the investment to more than pay off over the year. A small improvement in our approach to our IT vendors realises large improvements."  

Wendy Antaw, Head of IS


Formal training in IT procurement is a rarity, but with supplier's sales teams being well resourced and constantly trained, this can put you at a commercial disadvantage.

Benefits and Features

Our short courses are just the thing to build your teams' commercial skills, to negotiate better deals and drive the best vendor performance.

- We focus on the intricacies and risks when buying IT services and goods.
- The 5 courses help you get the very best from your suppliers and IT budget.
- Our trainers are IT Procurement experts, CIPS qualified and with years of experience, dealing with IT suppliers day in, day out.

Courses are run onsite for clients, usually with 5 to 10 attendees. The course programme is selected from the 5 shown below - note that courses #1 and #2 are a useful foundation. All courses are one day long, please see the list below.

Course List

1. Commercial IT Skills Builder

This course will enhance your commercial skills in buying IT goods and services, increase your confidence with vendors and ability to reduce costs.  It will help to manage the commercial risk inherent in any IT contract, through practical real world examples. Click here for details.

2. IT Supplier Negotiation Skills

We explore each of the key stages, with the tools and techniques used at each stage. Through a process-based on facts, we remove emotion from the negotiating table and provide a structured approach.  Click here for details.

3. IT Outsourcing 

This can be a high risk and challenging area, with many examples of failed projects in the press.  This course outlines the fundamentals for ensuring a successful contract and project delivery, including the new world of SaaS contracts. Click here for details.

4.  Advanced Software Procurement

Understand the range of charging mechanisms used by vendors, including how they protect their revenue stream.  Gain practical advice on how to mitigate the commercial risk inherent in every software contract. Click here for details.

5.  IT Supplier Management

Your portfolio of IT suppliers requires careful management to extract the best value and keep your risk as low as possible.  Course delegates will gain the skills and techniques to drive exemplary performance from their suppliers. Click here for details.


For a full syllabus of Turnstone Bespoke Training Courses click here.

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