Cost Reduction & Tendering

Keeping IT costs down whilst managing the day to day workload can be challenging.  Maintaining

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Discovery & Audit

Unearthing your hidden savings...

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Organisational Change & Strategy

In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are

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Cost Benchmarking or Virtual RFP

At Turnstone we have a vast amount of meaningful cost benchmark data:-
- actual data from countless tender exercises and re-negotiations

- using relationships with key suppliers to quickly get raw pricing


Unsure if a renewal offer is over priced?

Lacking the time or staff to check every commercial deal you have?


- Negotiation is easier when you know market costs

- Benchmarking reveals your savings opportunities

- The basis (and prep) for an informed decision to re-negotiate or to re-tender

 Client Quote

“We were in a unique situation where we didn’t have the typical customer-supplier relationship with our data centre provider.  

We also had a six year old contract that we knew needed to be renegotiated due to commercial risks and spiralling costs.

We deployed Turnstone to conduct a full contract review, compile a re-negotiation plan and benchmark our current costs.”        

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